Appealing Group Performance Share (GPS) awards

The following article contains the appeals process for the 2021 Group Performance Share awards due to be released in March 2022. We will update this once there if information on the 2022 awards due in March 2023.

Lloyds Banking Group operates a Group Performance Share plan which distributes part of the Group's profit back to colleagues when business performance objectives are met for a financial year. The GPS scheme replaced a previous bonus scheme and is non-contractual.

Understanding eligibility: 

You can find more details on eligibility criteria in our general article about Group Performance Share (GPS).

Appealing an award:

There is an appeal process to review GPS decisions applied to you. The process may change from year to year, so we'll keep this guidance up to date. You can't challenge the GPS policy criteria - you can only ask for a review of how the policy has been applied to you.

There are 3 stages to the appeal process:

  1. Review the bank's GPS microsite to help you understand the policy, how awards are determined by your managers, and how any modifiers have been applied.
  2. After reviewing all the information, if you still feel your award is unfair, you should talk to your line manager and your manager of managers. Having an honest discussion, looking back at the year, may help clarify the decisions that have been made. It's an opportunity for both sides to reflect.
  3. Where you're unable to reach agreement locally, the last step is to request an independent review. You'll need to request this within time (explained later in this article) and through HR Enquiries. Your manager and manager of managers will be asked to provide comments and their rationale for the decision as part of the process.

    The Colleague Connect (HR) team will triage requests for review. Most cases will either be sent back to your manager where policy hasn't been followed or be sent to an independent panel. The panel is made up of advisers from the Reward, Performance, and People teams. Decisions made by the panel will be final with no further right to appeal.

    If at the triage stage there are concerns of bullying, harassment, or discrimination, this will be referred to the Resolutions team to discuss next steps with you. This could include raising the case as a more general complaint (i.e. a grievance investigation). Should a grievance be necessary, you'll have the right to union representation at any formal meetings as part of the process.

Appeal timescales

  • The GPS microsite will be available from the 24 February 2022.
  • You'll be able to request an independent review from 7 March 2022.
  • Requests for independent review will close on 4 April 2022 - this can be extended to the 14 April for colleagues who have been on leave or otherwise absent.

Need support?

If you need support, or think you're being treated unfairly and need further guidance, contact your local union rep or Accord officer to discuss further. Feel free to chat to us through our online chat (available Monday-Thursday 8:30-17:30 & Friday 08:30-17:00), or drop us an email to [email protected].

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