Pay 2022 calculator (LBG)

Lloyds Banking Group has published its pay proposals for April 2022 following negotiations with Accord and Unite. No agreement has been reached at this stage.

We'll be balloting members on Monday the 28th February and the ballot will close at noon on Friday 18th March.

You can find the full announcement on the news section of our website.

If you want to check which % award that will apply to you, please use our pay increase calculator, you'll also find the new pay ranges in the same document. 

To use the calculator:

  • Follow the link to our pay increase calculator
  • This may open the excel sheet in your browser in read only mode. You'll need to either download or save the file to be able to enter details into it.
  • You’ll need your current salary (or full-time equivalent), your grade and your pay range number. Find out how to find your pay range number on Workday.
  • Enter your details and see what increase you'd be entitled to.
  • If you're part time, you need to calculate your FTE salary. You can do this by dividing your salary by your contracted weekly hours and then times by 35 (i.e. FTE = Salary / Contracted weekly hours x 35).

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