Tax matters helpline

As a member you'll be able to access free, confidential tax advice as part of your membership, including limited information about pensions. Our Tax matters helpline is run by WMT Chartered Accountants.

How to access?

You can access advice and guidance from the Tax matters helpline in a number of ways:

What can they help with?

If you think you might have paid too much tax, you can call the free 'Tax Matters' helpline. It's a confidential service for Accord members and their immediate* families (*Immediate family means your spouse, partner and dependent children).

Here are some of the things they can help with:

  • PAYE tax, income tax self-assessment & self-employment
  • Taxation of benefits in kind
  • Mortgage loan benefits
  • Mileage and allowable expenses
  • Child benefit tax relief
  • Taxation on dividends, interest, and other investment income
  • Property issues – rental income and expenses
  • Inheritance & capital gains tax
  • Information & guidance on pensions - however they can't offer pensions advice themselves as it is a regulated industry, but they can help point you in the right direction

Similar advice would cost between £150-£200 per hour if independently sought.

Other online information

You can find leaflets and advice & guidance videos on our website.

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