What is the election process for reps?

Union reps are elected once every two years in the September preceding our biennial conference as defined within our governing rules. The next cycle of elections will take place in September 2021.

Election rules (outside of the biennial election cycle):

If you're seeking election outside of biennial election cycle, we ask that you make contact with the members in your workplace and let them know you are seeking to become their elected union representative. If you work in a small workplace such as a branch, you are elected for that workplace, in larger workplaces you are elected for your department within that workplace.

If there is already an elected union representative for your workplace, or your department within a larger workplace we would advise you to contact your local Accord officer to discuss. It may not be possible for you to become a union rep at this time and you may have to wait for the biennial election cycle.

Election rules (for September election process):

The election rules change from time to time. We will update with the full election process in advance of communicating the September 2021 election cycle.

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