Financial wellbeing guidance

Right now, financial planning and talking about financial wellbeing is ever more important as we head into a cost of living crisis. After all, none of us would ever plan to be in debt or actively choose not to be able to make ends meet financially.

We've created guidance to evaluate your personal finances and direct you to sources of information & support, including the Bank Workers Charity who offer a range of services and help to current and former bank workers.

So, let's get stuck in and talk about personal finances.

Financial wellbeing guidance

Our guidance covers:

  • What we mean when talking about the 'cost of living crisis'
  • What budgeting, why it's important, and why we should all do this
  • Recognising the signs of debt problems
  • Talking about financial problems
  • A little about credit reports and their importance

You can access our guidance page through our website.

Accessing support

There are many sources of support available, we've listed some in our guidance:

  • We provide support contacts for assistance and mental health related concerns
  • Links to budgeting tools that can help you create and stick to a budget plan
  • Information and support on debt management
  • Links to support understanding government benefits you may be entitled to, and how to access other financial support including that of the Bank Workers Charity.

Access the available support section of our guidance.

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